About The Artist

Kevin Dean Trotter was born at Richards-Gebaur Air Force base Belton, Missouri and was the second eldest of six kids.  Kevin’s father was a member of the USAF 4400 Air Commandos Squadron and was one of the first one hundred Air Commandos deployed into Vietnam.  After his service in the military, Kevin’s father moved the family back to his home state of North Carolina.

Kevin began painting at the age of eight, when his grandfather gave him and his older brother, Clay, an artist paint set for Christmas.  He is a self-taught, award winning artist who has a passion for oil painting, pencil, and sculpting.  Kevin has had his art on display at Duke University and a permanent sculpture at Clemson University.

Kevin went on to work in the packaging industry as a graphic artist/print specialist.  He has designed for or collaborated on projects for some of the top names in the fashion and food industries, as well as all of the big name department stores.  His work has allowed him to maintain friendships and partner with people around the world of different cultures, for which he is truly grateful.  Kevin is married to his wife, Donna and they have two adopted children, Stephen and Laura. Both Kevin and Donna advocate for adopted children, especially those with Special Needs and are actively involved with organizations that serve the Special Needs Community.